Terms & Conditions

Here you can find our Terms & Conditions. You have to accept to this when you order a design.

1 Order

  1. At every order where the client chooses a package. The package can not be changed when the designer has already started on the order.
  2. At the start of the order the client should address all the requirements of the design. When the designer has already started on the design only small changes can be made to the requirements. The designer decides when the changes are getting too big and or impacting.
  3. The product is only sent with a watermark before the payment.
  4. It can be that the product is of less quality or the wrong format before the payment. When the payment is fully received the product will be sent at full quality and good format.
  5. It is possible that the product is being sent a while after the payment has been completed. When this is the case the designer will report this.
  6. With every order there will be a deposit of 25% before the designer starts. This is to protect our designers.
  7. The source file of the project is available for $1,50.

2 Payment

  1. Payments can be handled with PayPal and Tikkie.
  2. When the client pays with PayPal the client has to pay via Friends & Family. If this isn’t done the payment will not be accepted.
  3. The remaining 75% will be paid when the product is finished.
  4. The price can deviate from the price of the package. This will be determined by the designer. It will happen when the clients requirements are greater than that of the package, this will be supervised by the management team.
  5. Only when the payment is confirmed by the management team the product will be sent without protection (watermark). Before the payment is confirmed the product will never be sent without watermark.

3 Rights

  1. The clients get the most rights of the product after the payment. The client can do anything with the product except pretend that the client has made the product or sell the product to other people.
  2. Aurora Graphics has the right to display products without any protection.
  3. Aurora Graphics does not have the right to sell the product to other clients. When the product is premade Aurora Graphics has the rights to sell the exact logo to other clients.
  4. The client may only use the product for the company/account where it’s made for. Even when the source file is bought the product cant be used for another company/account.

4 Others

  1. Aurora Graphics has the right to change the Terms and Conditions at every given point without any notice or warning.
  2. Aurora Graphics can stop an order at any point in time without any notice or warning.

Last changed at: 8-21-2020